In 2012, the first Women's Arboriculture Conference was held on Vancouver Island.
It was well received by over 80 delegates, attended by a diverse group of professionals
and full of technique, management and policy information.
Participants of the 2012 Women's Arboriculture Conference

To see the archival web pages of the 2012 Women Arborists Conference follow this link

Comments from some of the participants of the 2012 conference

"I had a fantastic time at the conference....what energy!"

"Thank-you again for organizing such an amazing event, with so many interesting and truly gifted speakers."

"I do not go to many conferences as I do not find them that useful but this one was quite different. I learnt so much last week and came away stimulated and inspired by the speakers. There was also so much practical information."

"An unusual blend of solid technical, management, and policy information but leavened with nonapologetic displays of emotion."

"I was thrilled to come away with more knowledge, inspiration and reassurance to continue moving forward in my design business. It was a great idea to open the conference to a wide spectrum of people in this industry."

The major sponsor and organizer for this conference is Mumby's Arboriculture Consulting Mumby's Arboriculture Consulting